• Derek Jeter

    · Baseball, New York Yankees

    For Christmas this year, my sister gave me a copy of Derek Jeter’s book, Unfiltered. Sis was as excited to give me this gift as I was to receive it. We share a love of baseball. We go to baseball games together, her team and mine playing against each other. It’s clear that we we… Read More

  • Throwback Thursday: NY Yankees Reggie Jackson In a Bearhug

    · Baseball, New York Yankees

    I took this photo a while back of Reggie Jackson and Nick Swisher at batting practice, an example of being at the right place at the right time. For me, this was truly a sports fan moment, having the legendary Hall of Fame right-fielder in my lens. Reggie Jackson has been a regular fixture at… Read More

  • LA Dodgers Kershaw is Dominant in June

    · Baseball, Dodger Stadium, LA Dodgers

    #Kershaw has 61 strikeouts and a 0.82 ERA in June #ridiculous #Dodgers pic.twitter.com/CDAO7V6fKt — Victoria Lopez (@lopezvictoria) June 30, 2014 We’re not even at the All-Star break, and LA Dodgers Clayton Kershaw is rolling like a freight train, giving us brilliance and dominance on the mound.

  • LA Dodgers 2013 NLCS

    · Baseball, Dodger Stadium, LA Dodgers, NLDS

    Tonight’s Dodger game against the Cardinals reminds me of last year’s NLCS. Fortunately, the outcome was much more positive, with a win for the Dodgers. It was the first time that the teams have faced each other since last year’s NLCS.

  • LA Dodgers Clayton Kershaw Gets a No-Hitter

    · Baseball, Dodger Stadium, LA Dodgers

    LA Dodgers Clayton Kershaw’s got his first career no-hitter and a record 15 strikeouts at Dodger Stadium tonight. Incredible! Kershaw pitched the entire game with laser focus and control. He pitched as crisply in the eighth and ninth innings as he did at the start of the game. If that sounds like an embellishment, it bears mentioning that he… Read More

  • LA Kings 2014 Stanley Cup Champions Parade

    · Hockey, LA Kings, Stanley Cup

    Today there will be a parade in downtown Los Angeles to celebrate the LA Kings’ 2014 Stanley Cup Championship! I love a parade… in LA in June! Marking this occasion, I am saying a sad, sweet farewell to the 2013/2014 hockey season, and a big fat juicy hello to the newly crowned 2014 Stanley Cup… Read More

  • Canadian Playoff Hockey

    · Hockey

    A few years ago, I went to Canada for the first time on business. It was March, the end of hockey’s regular season, when I found out that I would be arriving in British Columbia in April. Naturally, the first thing I did was check to see if the town I was visiting had a… Read More

  • LA Kings 2014 Stanley Cup Champions

    · Hockey, LA Kings, Stanley Cup

    Tonight the LA Kings are the 2014 Stanley Cup Champions! Friday the 13th has traditionally been a good day for me, but today is special beyond belief! This Kings’ fan is dizzy with joy and happiness. Who says LA is not a hockey town?

  • LA Kings NHL Stadium Series at Dodger Stadium

    · Dodger Stadium, Hockey, LA Kings, NHL Stadium Series

    I’m ready to see the LA Kings play in Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final at Staples Center tonight! Go Kings Go! In celebration of tonight’s playoff game, a look at this season’s NHL Stadium Series at Dodger Stadium in January. Seeing the LA Kings play hockey at Dodger Stadium, seeing KISS perform, and… Read More