Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter Unfiltered

The cover of Derek Jeter’s book, Unfiltered.

For Christmas this year, my sister gave me a copy of Derek Jeter’s book, Unfiltered.

Sis was as excited to give me this gift as I was to receive it. We share a love of baseball. We go to baseball games together, her team and mine playing against each other. It’s clear that we we respect each other as sisters and as baseball fans.

This turned out to be a very special gift. You see, Jeter’s plans to retire put me in a funk. I knew it was coming after I saw him break his leg, but still. It was hard to write about anything.

Seasons of watching Jeter shine as the New York Yankees shortstop, taking play to another level, inspiring fans, teammates and other players, was ending. The last of the Yankees “Core Four” was sitting down. An active player with the cred of a baseball legend was ready to call it a day.

Almost worse, no longer would the velvety staccato of the incomparable Bob Sheppard ring at Yankee Stadium, announcing Jeter as he came to bat.

I wondered, who would fill the seats at stadiums across the country the way Jeter did? As Jeter’s farewell tour concluded, it was clear that Jeter’s charisma and reputation as a baseball player and professional athlete is unparalleled today.

So, it took the joy of my sister’s thoughtful Christmas present to unlock the keyboard. Of course, I start with writing about Jeter. Here’s to wishing him success at what he does next.

Thanks for everything, Derek Jeter.